M A R Í A   J O S É   C O S A N O   (Málaga, Spain)

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E d u c a t i o n

Master in Heritage Management. Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Córdoba.

Master in Teacher Training. International University of La Rioja

Degree in Fine Arts. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Seville.

Degree in Optics and Optometry. Science Faculty. University of Granada

C u r a t I n g   a n d   c u l t u r a l   p r o j e c t s
2021 I 2022 Presentation of the book «The Bauhaus students» by Marisa Vadillo. In collaboration with the Public Agency for the management of Casa Natal Pablo Ruiz Picasso and other museum and cultural facilities. Auditorium of the Center Pompidou Málaga.
  «Art Marbella 2021» with María Bueno Castellano and Claudia Frau. Marbella, Málaga.
2020 I 2021 “Art Marbella” 2020, exhibited by Marisa Vadillo, Mónica Vázquez Ayala and Javier Map. Contemporary Santaella Art Center. Marbella, Málaga
2019 I 2020 “Scales”, exhibited by Nina Nolte, María José Gallardo, Tonia Trujillo, Mónica Vázquez Ayala and Javier Map, Wadström Tönnheim Gallery, Marbella.
2017 I 2018 “Gender Troubles”, Andrés Senra, Contemporary Santaella A.C.Talk by the critic and historian Juan Ramón Barbancho, about “Gender Troubles”, by Andrés Senra, Santaella Contemporánea A.C.
  «II Comic Contest» for high school students, Santaella Contemporánea, for high school students.
2016 I 2017 «Después no», by Javier Map, Santaella Contemporánea.
  Talk by the artist Javier Map about his work in «After no», Contemporary Santaella. For Secondary Education.
  “Possible scenery for Remedios and Leonora. Garlic in a slice ”, with María Bueno Castellano, Contemporary Santaella. Exhibition and workshop of plastic creation for Primary Education included in the exhibition of the same name, “Possible scenography for Remedios and Leonora. Garlic in a slice ”, with María Bueno Castellano. Contemporary Santaella.
  «I Comic Contest» for high school students, Santaella Contemporánea. Work carried out in collaboration with the IES Arcelásis, Santaella, Córdoba.
2015 I 2016 “Santaella | Contemporary architecture ”, Santaella Contemporánea, Córdoba.
  “Microprojects / micro-residences”, a collective of Cordovan artists, born from 1970, Santaella Contemporánea, Córdoba.
  «Origen», by María Ortega Estepa, Contemporary Santaella.
  «Contemporary art classroom» for Primary Education, Santaella Contemporánea
2014 I 2015 «Certezas», with Mara León, Contemporary Santaella.
  «The forest», by Rodrigo Tavera, Contemporary Santaella.
  “Proyexpán. Expanded art projects ”, a project of Daniel Silvo. in collaboration with the Nebrija University of Madrid, Santaella Contemporánea, Córdoba
2013 I 2014 «Painter», with Juan del Junco, Archaeological Museum, Santaella, Córdoba.
  “What matters most to me”, with Anna Jonsson, Archaeological Museum, Santaella.»The museum postcards», with Javier Artero, Archaeological Museum, Santaella.
2012 I 2013 «Future Archeologies», with MP & MP Rosado, Daniel Silvo and Word Cross Collective, Archaeological Museum, Santaella, Córdoba.
G r o u p   s h o w s   ( s e l e c t I o n )
2021 I 2022 «Piña», The yellow house, Malaga
  «Art Marbella 2021» Contemporary Santaella. Marbella, Malaga.
2020 I 2019 «Art Marbella 2020″ Contemporary Santaella. Marbella, Malaga.»Museums -19», Ralli Museum, Marbella, Marbella.
2017 I 2016 Presentation of the «Guide to contemporary art projects in the province of Córdoba», by the Viana Foundation, ARCO, Madrid.
  «Cuando nos conocimos», 13 EspacioArte, Seville.
2014 I 2013 «Microprojects / Microresidences», Contemporary Santaella.
  «Painters and sculptors of Santaella», Diputación de Córdoba.
2013 I 2012 «All Yoy Can Buy», Room Art Fair, Madrid.
  «Future Archeologies», Archaeological Museum, Santaella, Córdoba.
  «XIX National Contest of Plastic Arts University of Seville». Faculty of Fine Arts, Seville.
2012 I 2011 «XXXIII National Contemporary Art Contest» Ciudad de Utrera «
  «Malaga Crea 2012 Show», La Caja Blanca, Malaga
  «XVIII National Contest of Plastic Arts University of Seville», Faculty of Fine Arts, Seville.
2011 I 2010 «Me and my friends», Sala Elbutrón, Seville.
2010 I 2009 «Validity and timeliness of drawing III», Official College of Architects and Surveyors Foundation, Seville.
2009 I 2008 «Validity and timeliness of drawing II», Official College of Architects and Surveyors Foundation, Seville.
2007 I 2008 «Validity and current status of the drawing», Official College of Architects and Surveyors Foundation, Seville.
2006 I 2007 “Insubordinadas”, Filmoteca de Andalucía, Córdoba.
2005 I 2006 “No tiene por qué”, Casa de la Juventud, Córdoba.
  «Tengonotengo», Sala de eStar, Seville.
  “La poesía nos une”, Mail-art, Albiac, Bienal Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, Cabo de Gata-Níjar, Almería
S o l o   s h o w s
2008 I 2009

“La forma y el color”, Ayuntamiento de Santaella

2007 I 2008

“El país de al lado”, Colegio de Arquitectos de Córdoba

A w a r d s
2013 «XVIII National Contest of Plastic Arts University of Seville».
2012 «XXXIII National Contemporary Art Contest City of Utrera».
  «Malaga Crea Cultural Show», 2012, La Caja Blanca, Malaga.
  «XVIII National Contest of Plastic Arts University of Seville».
G r a n t s
2017 Provisional selected for the Research, Coordination-Training and Training Grant in subjects and activities of the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.
W o r k   g r o u p s
2015 I 2016 Member of the working commission for the creation of the Center for Contemporary Creation of Andalusia, C3A, Junta de Andalucía.
2020 I 2021 Member of the board of directors of UAVA, Union of visual artists of Andalusia.


P u b l I c a t i o n s   a n d   c a t a l o g u e s
Cosano Maldonado, M.J. (2006): How much time do we need? An approach to the work of Paco Lara-Barranco. Cordoba. Edited  by María José Cosano and Paco Lara-Barranco. ISBN: 84-689-8338-1.


C o l l e c t I o n s
Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Córdoba
Fundación de Aparejadores de Sevilla